3250L 321 Stainless Steel Reactor £7900.00

Estimated vessel volume: 3250 Litres VERTICAL Reactor, 321 Grade stainless steel, (FMB-EN58B) Vessel diameter: 1500mm, depth on straight side: 1700mm. Fully welded dished top. Fully welded cone base 650mm DEEP Supports: 4 off mild steel / stainless steel support brackets 300mm x 200mm. Agitator Location and Details: Top centre mounted Osborne type VI stainless steel 6 blade Rushton turbine agitator. Packed gland seal. Agitator Drive Details: 10hp 400 - 440/3/50 FLP motor. Gearbox and belt / pulley reduction drive. 143-rpm output shaft speed. Operating pressure: 30 psi / Test pressure: 45 psi Limpet coils: Dual external limpet coils on both shell and base for heating and cooling. 7 laps for each circuit of 75mm stainless steel limpet coil on the shell and 4 laps of each on the base. 50mm BSP socket connections. 60 psi working pressure / 113 psi test pressure.

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